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raised by a roving pack of books

here to fluff your Wincest boner

gold_bluepoint: n) The awkwardest lurker. Likes brothers too much.

gold bluepoint @ DeviantArt, FF.net, FicWad, Journalfen
electriclizard @ Dreamwidth
pit of melville @ (gloriously disorganized) Delicious
tentacledog @ Tumblr, where I blab about Pacific Rim a lot currently.
archaeology, avoiding fresh air, brommity brom brom, brotherly love, dean's manly crystalline tears, devouring neil gaiman's powers, die hard, dio brando, disney, dodging homework, doodling, dumbledore/grindelwald omg what, epically gay oldschool shounen, fandom, fanfiction, feminist theory, ffvii, finding homosexual subtext, gaming, gratuitous violence, griping, handicrafts, hating on yaoi tropes, jojo's bizzare adventure, loving ffviii anyway, mad runaway meta, nanowrimo, ot3's, sephiroth=lady gaga, sketching, slash dragons, sorceresses, supernatural(the gay sex one), sweet tears of innocents, tengen toppa gurren lagann, textual analysis, the sith academy, writing, ~spooky stuff~