raised by a roving pack of books (gold_bluepoint) wrote,
raised by a roving pack of books

SPN Meant to Be: Art

Art ala romance novel covers for spn_meanttobe! I wasn't able to write the story I'd intended, but I at least wanted to draw the schlocky cover art that would have gone with it. CARVER EDLUND STYLE.

SPN, Sam/Dean, PG-13
The story (and art) feature Stanford-era Winchesters, with sexy police intern Sam and fake-FBI Dean teaming up to hunt a murderous creature. (And nurse UST!)
Lurid posing, gratuitous shirtlessness, and geographically implausible background behind the cut.


Credit for the composition and the ludicrous stack of background elements goes to the Google Image search results for "romance novel cover", especially these two images.
The story, meanwhile, is hopefully still forthcoming!
Tags: my art, sam/dean, supernatural
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